Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Huhu ^^ . Cute kan dier ? Saya tawu .
Acturely i don't know how to start . But yeah , the main thing is about her .
All can i said that we're not like before , seriously fucking not . The way how we talk and stuffs . But the thing is that i can see that you're avoiding me and that means you don't want me to disturb your life no longer anymore . I don't know lah kan either you busy , no mood or sick . But this what i see lah . I didn't know that after knowing you , these feelings suddenly change into ♥ . I didn't aspect a single thing . And my ♥ towards you is very strong . It couldn't fade away , how hard i tried it still not possible . Girls keep on messaging for " kenal ' kenal " but i didn't entertain them because i'm lazy and my love is only for you . People come and ask me to move on and they say i can find much more better but i know you are the best of all that i've known . You we're the one who step in my life and change the way i am . You change my mindset and everything . I know i look like a matrep or " muka jahat " but that doesn't mean my heart will be the same who you make think like " Pembusted , Sweet Talker " and such . And i know you are the best which is better than the rest . Did you know how much i ♥ and care for you ?
If i'm a desperate person , i would have more than 5 ex in a year , but why i've been single for almost than 10months ? Why the hell i'm here waiting and trying to show you how i ♥ you if i'm desperate ? I don't know how to get through you . Everyday i'll wait for you to online . Sometimes i didn't sleep just to wait for you to talk to you . I miss your voice , i miss your laughter , i miss calling Nafisha , i miss message-ing with you , and for short , I miss you much ' much . I just miss the time we spent time otphone like the past . If i have the ability to stop the time so that i can spent time with you much more longer , i'll be grateful . I just wanna us to be like how we use to be in the past ?
I will pray to god almighty that i hope one day her heart will open and accept me . I'll just wait for the day to come . ( ':

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